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Opanije is a Traditional Arts educational Platform, based in Brazil and centered in Afro-Brazilian, Diasporic and African Arts.

Opanije is a Brazilian Startup, engaging in the vanguard of Traditional arts. Our mission is to provide an educational platform revolving around oral and traditional culture, based on the African, Afro-Diasporic, and Brazilian references.

Empowering comes from connections and communication channels available for Traditional Arts teachers and masters.

For our customers, we offer first-hand experience with oral knowledge and artistic expression based on our fundamentals of community, respect for tradition, and alternative educational references, distinct from western learning methods, such as instead of learning music by tabs, learn by singing, and clapping according to tradition. This will be powered by our website which will be a learning environment where users can tune to whichever form of traditional art they like.

Opanije creates learning environments, providing means and medium for direct contact with Traditional Teachers. Through our website and other virtual environments, we will be able to intermediate learning between key figures in Traditional Arts and students.

Opanije is pioneering Traditional Arts Education.

Opanije works on two important issues:

Creating connections with those who feel torn from their roots, and their people’s history and backgrounds, or want to know more about these underrepresented cultures 

  • A cultural upheaval in regions where traditional arts, culture, and oral history were uprooted is being caused by how modern culture has distanced people from each other, in order to represent material and superfluous lifestyles unsupportive of the community

Empowering the individuals who have the knowledge of these contents, in any language and form.

  • While mainstream media is not supportive of oral culture and arts, and on the material aspect, especially since the Pandemic, Traditional Culture Masters are having difficulties guaranteeing their welfare, there is a pressing need to value these cultures and their harbingers.


Traditional Arts have historically been dependent on personal and oral contact, and formal institutions rarely recognize the importance of teaching these Arts.

Opanije is a medium for Students to meet Teachers of oral cultures.

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