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Develop an Ancestral Artistic Expression.

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Learn Traditional Arts – Percussion and Dance

Afro-diasporic Percussion

Learn about fundamental hand-rudiments,

Brazilian traditional Rhythms

Brazilian takes on African and Cuban rhythms,

A Myriad of improvisation techniques and examples.

Rhythms: Ketu Candomblé Rhythms, Samba, Brazilian-style 6/8 Afro.

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Mandé Dance

Coming soon - Straight from Conakry, Republic of Guinea - The Traditional Dance of the Mandé people

We'll soon be able to provide you with direct access to a traditional Dance Teacher.

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Percussion teacher

'Pai de Santo'

Adson Vasconselos Junior

Afro-diasporic Percussion

Professional musician, coming from a very culturally active background, from Salvador, Bahia State, Brazil, started his contact with art very early in his religious community, Ilê Axé Oya Ominídê.

By the time he entered one of the most famous Brazilian Percussion Groups, Timbalada, he was only 12. He enjoyed a fruitful experience in many bands in Salvador. Junior has played with famous artists such as Carlinhos Brown, Marisa Monte, and Bands such as ‘Olodum’ and ‘Vixe Mainha’.

He also toured several countries in Europe and Asia, having resided many years abroad.

Currently based in Brasília, Brazil’s Capital. Can be reached for recordings, private lessons, and mentoring exclusively here on Opanije.com

Traditional Arts Dance Teacher Djanko Camara

'Djanko Camara'

Ballet Djoliba's Ex-Dancer

Mandé Dance

Coming soon!

A traditional Dance Teacher with experience in one of the Most renowned African Ballets, the Ballet Djoliba

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Percussion Course

Get your Brazilian Groove on!

We offer a percussion course that features direct contact with a Master Teacher!

You can start learning with traditional style teachings: no theory or textbooks!

Learn by oral teaching methods: Discover a new way to understand Rhythm!

To Observe and listen are the basic principle upon which our teachers, and their teacher, and so on for several generations, learned, and so can you!

You can also check out our Shop, to find Atabaques, Pandeiros, Agogôs, Caxixis, and many other Brazilian instruments, each one made by master craftsmen such as Mestre Dinho, from Pelourinho in Salvador.

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