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We Work Hard To Provide You With The Best Traditional and handmade percussive instruments

“Experience the Heartbeat of Brazil: Traditional Instruments Handcrafted with Passion”

We at Opanije’s Shop are getting our merchandise directly from master craftsmen who have learned the traditional construction methods for the Afro-Diasporic percussive instruments.

Each piece is handcrafted with passion and skill, drawing from the deep cultural heritage of Afro-Brazilian tradition, using materials native to Brazilian soil, extracted through environmental and humane work vetted sources.

From shakers and rattles to drums and bells, every instrument is imbued with the vibrant energy of Brazilian music and culture. Whether for a professional musician or just a casual appreciator of music, if what you’re looking for are unique hand made instruments, we got something for you!

Our Company

Welcome to Opanije.com, where we offer a unique experience of traditional arts and culture from Brazil and the African Diaspora. We are a medium providing interaction with master teachers and artisans, where you can find handmade instruments, such as in this shop, as well as courses from our culture masters, teaching traditional arts from Brazil and the African Diaspora. Discover a world of vibrant music, colorful art, and diverse culture.
Join us in celebrating the beauty of Brazilian and African culture!

When you buy from our store, you’re getting much more than an instrument – you’ll have a piece of the cultural heritage of Brazil and the African Diaspora. Unlike factory-made instruments, the instruments we offer are handcrafted, employing manual labor with skills passed down through generations. Not only will you get an instrument with amazing sound and quality, but you also get to experience the deep cultural significance behind each and every piece.

When you buy from us, you get so much more than just a great instrument – you also get the experience of our master craftsmen who are passionate about preserving and celebrating the cultural heritage of these regions. Our instruments are handcrafted with skill and precision, not mass-produced in a factory. Each one is a unique work of art that is imbued with the vibrant energy of the culture it has come from.

why us?

Our musical instruments represent special experiences, allowing you to explore the vibrant sounds, colors, and culture of the instrument itself. Our instruments aren’t just machines produced in a factory, but rather they are imbued with cultural weight and history.

The instruments of our store are of a far higher quality than those produced in factories, as our master craftsmen have sought out the best materials and put extra care into each and every instrument to ensure it has a unique, vibrant sound.

Why settle for a mass-produced machine from a factory when you can get a handcrafted instrument with a unique, vibrant sound? At our store, we provide a one-of-a-kind experience, enabling you to empower traditional artisans and craftsmen.

Come get your drum on!

See the experience: a piece of history, and a timeless instrument that will last a lifetime.

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