Peg Atabaque

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The mixture of different Traditions, the Peg-Tuned Atabaque, sometimes also called Atabasabar, is one of Mestre Dinho’s most sought-after drums, having beautiful wooden Pegs.

The pegs and rope help maintain the Drum Tuned, and the pegs can offer easy tuning through the use of mallets, or plastic hammers.

Portraying the decorative skin flaps, the Peg Atabaque is one of the most unique offerings in the store, currently being used in numerous Candomblés, Folcloric, and Cultural Groups throughout the world.

This Atabaque, as well as the other Atabaques in the store, is made from Massaranduba and Ipê-Amarelo woods, Hard and resistant materials that are often used for building houses, and supporting roofs with heavy weights, boosting life-long durability.

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