Rope Atabaque

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Atabaque is the epitome of Brazilian instruments, and the Rope Atabaque could be one of the earliest and most traditional Brazilian Instruments. Found around the world in Capoeira groups and Traditional Samba de Roda manifestations, the Rope Atabaque is one of the Symbols of Brazilian Culture.

Utilizing the Bahian-made fiber-based Sisal rope for tuning, it maintains the traditional aspects of Atabaque artisanship passed through generations.

You can also opt for PP (polypropylene) rope, for easier tuning, adjustments, and eventual re-heading, as it is more malleable than the fiber sisal rope.

This Atabaque, as well as the other Atabaques in the store, is made from Massaranduba and Ipê-Amarelo woods, Hard and resistant materials that are often used for building houses, and supporting roofs with heavy weights, boosting life-long durability.

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