Tradition, Culture: What's About

Tradition is simple. Oral culture is spoken knowledge. is about Traditional learning methods and traditional Crafts

At, we strive to empower traditional art teachers and craftspeople from Brazil, Africa, and the African Diaspora.

Our objective is to intermediate their knowledge and culture, making it available and accessible to the public.

We value traditional arts, people’s culture, and knowledge – providing a platform to share stories, wisdom, and practices that are rooted in oral knowledge passed down through generations.

Learning traditional Arts

Tradition, Culture: What's About

Our mission

Our founding mission is to preserve and promote traditional arts, culture, and knowledge in Brazil and African Diaspora, and to strengthen the oral culture, by providing means and medium for direct contact with Traditional Teachers and Craftsmen work. Through our website and other virtual environments, we will be able to intermediate learning between key figures in Traditional Arts and students.

We strive to provide a unique experience that is tailored for individuals who are interested in Brazilian, African, and Afro-Diasporic Percussion and percussive instruments.

We aim to create a more sustainable and accessible way for people to experience the culture and knowledge of traditional masters and craftsmen. We are dedicated to providing a platform for these masters to share their wisdom and practices with a worldwide audience.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn from different roots and that these masters should be better valued, for the generational knowledge they keep and protect.


Traditional Arts Platform, empowering traditional art teachers and craftsmen

We understand that traditional art teachers and craftspeople are an invaluable part of the traditional culture. By partnering with them we are creating an environment where these teachers and craftspeople can share their knowledge with a wider audience, adapting to the necessities of a globally connected society.

This allows our customers to experience traditional arts and culture in a way that is easy, trustworthy, and accessible, so our customers can learn more about the traditional cultures and art forms without the expensive and time-consuming travel process, which sometimes can present mixed results because of communication and connection barriers.

We believe in creating meaningful relationships between art teachers, craftspeople, and their customers in a sustainable way, strengthening traditional culture agents.

When speaking of making traditional cultures and art forms more accessible, there is the responsibility of presenting previously unavailable knowledge and content online.

We rely on experienced master teachers and craftsmen, to provide access to the material and immaterial aspects of traditional cultures to different communities around the world.

We also ensure that our courses are engaging and easy to follow so that anyone can learn about these cultures and art forms, regardless of culture and country of origin.

Moreover, by supporting this endeavor you are not only having the opportunity to gain knowledge and appreciation for the culture, but also helping to ensure the people responsible for preserving the culture continue to have the means to do so.

Experience traditional culture and art forms in a unique way with! Check out our courses to learn more about the stories, practices, and techniques behind the various cultures we offer. Or shop our store for artifacts, instruments, and products from these cultures. We also have an active blog where you can discover new topics related to traditional arts and cultures. Don’t miss out – join us today for free and start your journey into traditional cultures!

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Learning Center

    Our Percussion Course is a subscription model that provides a unique opportunity for percussion students to learn directly from Master Teachers from Traditional communities.

    Get feedback directly from the teachers, and connect to the culture’s own keepers.

    This online course offers invaluable and previously unavailable content, based on the traditional arts with life experience passed down through generations.

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    Our musical instruments represent special experiences, allowing you to explore the vibrant sounds, colors, and culture of the instrument itself.

    Our instruments aren’t mass-produced in a factory, but rather imbued with cultural weight and history.

    Made by Master Craftsmen in Brazil

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    Get your Afro-Diasporic and Afro-Brazilian information directly from the source.

    Learn about the Origins of Samba

    What are Traditional Arts

    What is Samba and Candomblé, and much more!


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    Q: What can I get from
    A: Handmade artisanal instruments, made in traditional building techniques, access to a percussion course where you'll be in direct contact to a master teacher from a traditional community.
    Q: What are some of the topics covered by the Percussion Course?
    A: The Percussion Course covers a variety of topics, including rhythm exercises and techniques, step by step and instrument by instrument approach of each rhythm, improvisation, solo phrasing and much more. Our experienced teachers will provide you with valuable knowledge and skills that will take your percussion playing to the next level!
    Q:Is the Percussion Course suitable for all levels?
    A: Yes! The Percussion Course is designed to be accessible for beginners and experienced percussionists alike. Our content covers a wide range of topics and techniques, so there is something for everyone.
    Q: Do you ship to what countries?
    A: We Ship Worldwide!

Get your Brazilian Groove on!

We offer a percussion course that features direct contact with a Master Teacher!

You can start learning with traditional style teachings: no theory or textbooks!

Learn by oral teaching methods: Discover a new way to understand Rhythm!

To Observe and listen are the basic principle upon which our teachers, and their teacher, and so on for several generations, learned, and so can you!

You can also check out our Shop, to find Atabaques, Pandeiros, Agogôs, Caxixis, and many other Brazilian instruments, each one made by master craftsmen such as Mestre Dinho, from Pelourinho in Salvador.

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