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Learning traditional Arts

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Brazilian Traditional Culture Foundations

Samba Master

What is Samba?

Learn the origin of Samba

Understand how African and Brazilian history are entangled

Samba's cultural roots explained

Get to know Samba!
Brazilian rhythms

Brazilian Rhythms Guide

Do you know what makes Brazilian Rhythms original?

Understand the rhythms that built Brazilian musicality

Learn about Brazilian Rhythmic roots and their origins

Brazilian Grooves!
What are traditional arts about?

What are Traditional arts?

What's the essence of Tradition within Traditional Arts?

Learn about the oral teaching methods

Understand the importance of Master oral teachers

Discover how Opanije.com can help you learn Traditional Arts!

What's this all about?
Candomblé Yalorixa original

Candomblé - Origins and Historical Context

Discover the origin of Afro-Brazilian Musicality

Candomblé definition and history

African cultures encountered in Brazil and Candomblé was born

Candomblé Roots!

Percussion Instruments, and Learning Percussion

Atabaque - Brazilian instrument played in a store

Samba Instruments

Samba has many varieties and rhythms, according to each region

Each format of Samba has a different instrument composition

Discover which rhythms use Pandeiro, and which Samba formats don't!

Learn what Instruments and Drums the Samba Schools and Blocos Afro use!

Discover Samba Instruments
Brazilian Percussion Teacher, Junior Pai de Santo

6 Steps to Learning Percussion

How to learn Percussion in a easy way

Simple Steps that will guide your percussive journey

Divided into 6 straightforward steps!

The simple way of Learning Percussion!
Timbau and Djembe Drums

Brazilian Drums

Discover the original Instruments used in Brazilian Music

African Designs meet indigenous and European influences

New craftsmanship was born in Brazil

Learn the origins of Brazilian Drums

Brazilian Drums and Instruments

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We offer a percussion course that features direct contact with a Master Teacher!

You can start learning with traditional style teachings: no theory or textbooks!

Learn by oral teaching methods: Discover a new way to understand Rhythm!

To Observe and listen are the basic principle upon which our teachers, and their teacher, and so on for several generations, learned, and so can you!

You can also check out our Shop, to find Atabaques, Pandeiros, Agogôs, Caxixis, and many other Brazilian instruments, each one made by master craftsmen such as Mestre Dinho, from Pelourinho in Salvador.

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