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Are you looking further your understanding of Brazilian, African, and Afro-diasporic percussion?

We follow traditional style teachings: no theory, textbooks, and the like!

Learn by oral teaching methods: Discover a new way to understand Rhythm! 

To Observe and listen are the basic principle upon which our teachers, and their teacher, and so on for several generations, learned, and so can you!


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The Method

Our Percussion Course is a subscription model that provides a unique opportunity for percussion students to learn directly from Master Teachers from Traditional communities.

This online course offers Ancestral and previously unavailable content, based on life experience, containing knowledge passed down orally through generations.

While being our students, we will be in contact directly for tailored support and feedback.

This comprehensive course allows drummers of all skill levels to explore and learn the unique rhythms of Brazilian and Afro-Diasporic percussion.

Our method is based on an instrument-per-instrument approach, along with all the techniques needed to perform the rhythms and examples of solo phrases specific to each rhythm.

We, as a traditional arts platform, empower traditional art teachers from communities such as Salvador, Bahia – Brazil.

We provide a medium for students to get in touch with traditional arts and strengthen the oral culture teaching methods by valuing culture and knowledge from Africa, Brazil, and the African Diaspora.

Enroll in Opanije Percussion Course now to benefit from unique rhythms, techniques, solo phrases and traditional teaching methods.

Explore your musicality, discover the unique rhythms of Brazilian and Afro-Diasporic percussion and learn to perform it with skill.

Mestre - Teacher

Who is our Course for?


-Those who want to learn Brazilian and Afro-Diasporic percussion

-Students and percussionists looking for the appropriate techniques to play hand drums, such as Timbal, Congas, and Atabaques, as well as enlarging your rhythm repertoire

-Percussionists who want to spice up their rhythm repertoire and individuals who know some about Brazilian and afro-diasporic percussion, but want to dive deeper, know the rhythm fully, and the respective solo phrases

-Students interested in having direct support and rapport with their teachers, with customized feedback on-demand

-Music students who want to improve their rhythmic expertise

-Educators who are looking for an in-depth look at traditional percussion music

-Producers and DJs interested in incorporating traditional sounds rhythms and patterns into their creations

-Composers wanting to add rich cultural layers with authentic percussive elements to their compositions

– Drummers or rhythm makers exploring new avenues of expression through improvisation techniques and other ideas offered in the course.

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Junior Traditional Arts Teacher

Junior "Pai de Santo"

Traditional Percussion Master

With Opanije Percussion Course, you can learn directly from Master Teachers, getting in-depth explanations of each part of the rhythm and enjoying traditional teaching methods. 

For those who don’t have access to traditional culture masters, learning the intricacies of a complex Art form such as Brazilian percussion can be a challenge.

While inter-continental trips are expensive and time-consuming, options were to rely on guesswork or self-teaching through low-quality and amateur videos.

With Opanije’s course, you get a unique opportunity to get feedback directly from Master Teachers.

Not only does the course offers invaluable content that was previously unavailable in other teaching formats, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get an educated opinion on what you should focus on, where can you grow musically, and what you should practice.

Building a bridge between Ancestrality, Cultural Heritage and Modern Learning Environments.

Through our online platform, we will walk you through the Brazilian rhythms and techniques, with several different instruments showcased, as well as the exercises we used to develop more advanced hand techniques.

There are also classes on the Brazilian take on Traditional Afro-Diasporic Rhythms, such as Cuban Tumbao, and African Rhythms, such as Kuku.

You will gain an understanding of traditional rhythms and melodies, along with classic and modern variations, so that you can create your own unique sound style.

We believe in honoring the oral aspect of traditional art forms, and strive to preserve and strengthen these arts for future generations. 

We believe that education should be accessible to everyone, which is why we have opened our platform up for free access. If you cancel the subscription, we’ll not lock you out of the course, only halt the feedback and comm channel.

  Our mission is simple: provide a space where traditional art forms are celebrated, respected, and shared with the world. We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery!


How to learn Percussion : Listen

Pai Adauto

Candomblé Percussion Master

Why choose Opanije?


Learning is a process that each person experiences in a different way. There is no perfect advice or lesson, only one that is more appropriate for you!

Here at, we look at your particular learning process and direct you toward one of our teachers, so they can give precise advice and tailored support.

No language Barriers 

A dedicated team of native speakers is ready to translate your doubts and questions to our teachers and translate back feedback towards yourself.

In effect, direct access to traditional culture has never been so readily available.

Oral knowledge, passed down through generations


The Percussion Course provides students with access to oral knowledge that has been passed down through generations.

This unique content is based on life experience,  as our masters once were students of their own masters, in a oral history going back in culture’s history.

By being part of this chain of oral knowledge, you’ll have invaluable insight into the history, culture, and techniques of percussion instruments and rhythms.


Previously unavailable content in a teaching format

The Percussion Course offers students access to material that has never before been available in a teaching format.

This means that the information provided is completely unique, with instrument-by-instrument analysis of rhythms such as “Congo de Ouro” and “Merengue da Tocaia”

Oral teaching methods

For our customers, we offer first-hand experience with oral knowledge as an alternative educational method distinct from western learning methods.

Instead of learning music by reading tabs, learn the traditional way: Follow our teacher through the basic structure of the rhythm, internalizing vocally the basic rhythmic patterns before starting to play





    At 29$ – With a Week’s Trial Period

    This Percussion Course is an excellent opportunity for percussionists and students at any level to further their understanding of Brazilian and afro-diasporic percussion.

    Get access to the full Percussion Course

    Have direct access to a communication channel with a Master Teacher



    For 49$ – Become a sponsor of our platform

    Have individualized tutoring on all future courses available on the platform

    Get access to all courses which will be hosted on the platform

    Also, have the possibility of gifting access to our platform to friend every month

    Help Traditional Arts Masters and our Eco-system flourish




Traditional dances

    Coming soon – Straight from Conakry, Republic of Guinea – The Traditional Dance of the Mandé people

    We’ll soon be able to provide you with direct access to a traditional Dance Teacher.

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From Traditional Masters to You!

The Opanije Percussion Course is an invaluable resource for aspiring percussionists.

By learning from experienced traditional masters, students can expand their understanding of the world of percussion and gain valuable skills they will be able to use for years to come.

 The Opanije Percussion Course is the perfect place to start your percussion studies and take your music to the next level.

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Percussionist and Sound engineer

"I found my source of Afro-Brazilian Percussion!"

Getting to know Junior and the culture has enriched my musicality beyond description. Good if you're a beginner, and very deep understandings, great for those musicians who need new sources

Testimonial 2nd


Teacher and Researcher

"I didn't know there was so much"

There's really an untold story about Brazilian music, and its African origins... getting feedback and seeing how fluid is the change between rhythms made reflect how it is all connected!


    Q:Is the Percussion Course suitable for all levels?
    A: Yes! The Percussion Course is designed to be accessible for beginners and experienced percussionists alike. Our content covers a wide range of topics and techniques, so there is something for everyone.
    Q: Are the lessons taught by experienced teachers?
    A: Absolutely! All our lessons are led by Master Teachers from Traditional communities who have extensive knowledge and experience in their field.
    Q: How long will I have access to the course material?
    A: Once you subscribe to the Percussion Course, you will have lifetime access to all of the course material. This means that you can review and practice any lesson at any time! However, to get detailed feedback, your subscription must be active
    Q: Is technical support available?
    A: Yes! If you have any questions or issues while using our platform, our friendly customer service team is always ready to help. We offer a range of support options including live chat, email and phone. Feel free to contact us with any queries or concerns that you may have - we're here to help!
    Q: What are some of the topics covered by the Percussion Course?
    A: The Percussion Course covers a variety of topics, including rhythm exercises and techniques, step by step and instrument by instrument approach of each rhythm, improvisation, solo phrasing and much more. Our experienced teachers will provide you with valuable knowledge and skills that will take your percussion playing to the next level!